WOD: 3-4-13

Skill:  Kipping

Warm Up:  Practice Bar Muscle Ups

WOD L1:  EMOTM for 20 mins:

Odd: 4 Front Squats (135/95)
Even:  7 Over the Bar Burpees

WOD L2:  EMOTM for 20 mins:

Odd: 4 Front Squats (205/135)
Even:  7 Over the Bar Burpees


Let’s talk Warm Ups…

Congratulations to those of you who are moving remarkably better and those who have managed to move not negative adverb here.  Many of you have made tremendous progress in just over 30 days of learning certain moves.  We as a staff could not be happier.  Reebok CrossFit Back Bay strongly encourages you to know not just how to move, but how to move very well.  Each coach wants to see perfection be achieved, but more importantly, practiced.  Keep in mind that the moves are being practiced in a low intensity setting for various purposes (comfort, to build strength, etc) and we are doing so to ensure that what happens during this time is reflective of what happens during the workout.

For those of you who are still learning the moves…

You need two things when learning a new set of skills.  You need to be patient and bold.  If you are barely managing to put one step in front of the other on a regular basis, then something like Double Unders will surely be a difficult undertaking.  Some of the people whose jump ropes are whipping by had no problem with Double Unders.  However, most of the people doing them now, have imprecated their jump ropes many times before finally obtaining the skill.  You need to give it time and and a consistently honest effort all while not being afraid to look silly.

For those of you who have picked  up a few moves and improved others…

You might be the crowd that can do most skills without issue, but still needs to scale the moves somewhat or altogether when in a workout.  You guys are the exact bunch that needs to practice perfection and perfection only!  By really taking the time to refine the movements being practiced, you insure that they they can be done seamlessly.  This continuous strive will aid in the duplication of these skills when exposed with other stresses (ie:  any workouts).  Socialize all you want during the Warm-Up, but you will have to take them seriously if you are planning on improving.

For those of you who are wondering when we will be lifting “heavy” “again”…

If you looked at the picture of the day and were bummed out to find out that we are doing more “skill” work over “strength” work, the following are a few pointers…

  1. This is very much strength work in areas that need a lot of strenghtening
  2. 30 Muscle Ups in a row are moderately hard, but nothing special
  3. 60 Handstand Push Ups in a row after that are hard to do, but not all that special
  4. Weightlifting after all of that is not very enjoyable, but still not all that special
  5. Improving or enhancing your capacity to move yourself in a controlled manner through space can and will unquestionably allow you to perform weighted movements with greater competence
  6. Be patient and take note that your lifting days are all around you.  Scale the workouts up if the prescribed loads are not sufficient.

After all, those 40 Front Squats at 250 just aren’t going to do themselves,






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